Mexican Auto Liability Insurance Experiencing the Museums of Mexico City!

Like many major cities, Mexico City has its fair share of compelling museums. No matter what types of things you are interested in, there’s sure to be a museum that appeals to you in this exciting city. Options range from history museums to an old, historic print shop. In order to get down there and start exploring, though, you are going to need one exceptionally important thing: Mexican auto liability insurance. You probably shouldnt drive around the city while you are there, but you are going to need Mexico Auto insurance by Mexican Insurance Store in order to make it safely to the Mexican capital. Learn more about the various museums that youll find in Mexico City by checking out the information below!

Why Mexican Auto Liability Insurance ?

Before delving into the many options that are available for museums in Mexico City, you are probably wondering what the big deal is about Mexican insurance online. The reason its so important is because U.S.- and Canadian-based car insurance policies are invalid south of the border. Even if you have the very best coverage in your home country, its not going to do you a lick of good down in Mexico. At most, it will give you a false sense of security. If you show the authorities your regular insurance, they will shrug their shoulders and ask for your Mexican insurance. Without the right insurance, you could end up in jail.

An Old Print Shop

One of the most unique museums in Mexico City has to be the House of the First Print Shop in the Americas. It was the first print shop in the New World; as such, it holds a great deal of significance. A printing press that was brought over from Europe was set up in this building in 1539. It’s amazing to think about how old and historic this location is. A book museum is located there and contains some of the oldest books in Mexico. You don’t have to be a bibliophile to appreciate the great exhibits in this fascinating place.

An Artist’s Home

In addition to being the home of a slew of great art museums, Mexico City is where you can find the Frida Kahlo Museum. Frida Kahlo was an artist who was married to Diego Rivera, the famous muralist. She is best known for her rather creepy and strange self portraits. The Frida Kahlo Museum is located in her home. You don’t have to be a huge fan of Frida Kahlo’s to appreciate this place. It is well worth a visit by just about any visitor to Mexico City.

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