Mexican Auto Insurance Online; Can You Get in Trouble Driving Without It?

People are often misinformed about the need for Mexican auto insurance from Mexican Insurance Store online. Some people think it is purely optional and not all that important; others think that they will be hauled off to jail if they are caught driving in Mexico without it. The reality lies somewhere in the middle, although this type of coverage is basically required by law. While it helps to get a better idea about why this coverage is needed, the bottom line is that you should never drive south of the border without it. Learn a bit more about the details of Mexican car insurance by reading through the following information.

Getting Pulled Over

In the U.S. and Canada, you can be cited for operating a motor vehicle without valid Mexican auto insurance. Thats not really the case in Mexico. You arent going to be asked to show proof of coverage when you cross the border, and the cops wont ask to see it during routine stops. Its also not going to be requested at the many military checkpoints that can be found down in Mexico. This type of coverage only really comes into play and becomes critical when an accident occurs. Theres no way to predict when or if an accident will happen though, which is why you need to cover your bases and buy coverage.

Showing Proof of Financial Responsibility

In the aftermath of an accident, the authorities are going to treat all of the involved parties as if they are guilty. For that reason, each person must be able to show that they can cover the cost of the damages or injuries that they have caused. The most widely accepted way to do that is by showing proof of Mexican liability insurance by Mexican Insurance Store. If you come up empty handed, the cops could very well take you to jail until their investigation is complete. You are sure to lose a lot of money too.

Be Smart and Stay Safe

You wont get ticketed or cited in Mexico for driving without Mexican auto insurance. The cops wont even ask to see proof of it unless you are involved in an accident. That doesnt mean that going without it is a worthwhile risk, though. Although you more than likely wont be involved in an accident, you will be in very hot water if you are and dont have proof of insurance. The consequences far outweigh the risks in this situation. Whether youre visiting for one day or twenty, always be prepared with Mexican car insurance. Mexican auto insurance; can you get in trouble driving without it?

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