Mexican Auto Insurance Online and Other Important Paperwork!

Mexican Auto Insurance Online, Passports, Children and Mexico

If you’ve been thinking about taking the kids down to Mexico with you, you might be confused about what you need in terms of paperwork. For one reason or another, there’s a lot of conflicting information out there about whether or not kids need passports to gain entry into Mexico. Before digging more deeply into this topic, it should be noted that you’ll always need Mexican auto insurance from Mexican Insurance Store online to travel legally in Mexico. Don’t bring your kids to Mexico and drive around without Mexican auto insurance online. If you’re caught without Mexican insurance online, you could go to jail.

Do They Need Passports?

For many years, U.S. citizens didn’t need passports to get into Mexico at all. That changed a few years ago. All adults must present valid passports in order to get into Mexico. As far as kids go, things are a little less clear. If your kids are all under the age of 16, all you need to worry about is bringing along birth certificates for each child. Make sure they are authentic copies, or they won’t be accepted. Kids who are over the age of 16 must have valid passports to get into Mexico.

Single Parents

If you’re a single parent, or if you’re taking the kids to Mexico while your spouse stays home, you’re going to need to cover your bases before you bring the children across the border. To be as safe as possible, you should get a notarized note of permission from the other parent. The authorities at the border don’t always ask for this type of thing, but you’ll be out of luck if they do ask and you don’t have it. It’s easy enough to get one, so make sure to do so.

Exploring Mexico with the Kids

Once you all get into Mexico, the sky’s the limit in terms of exploration. As long as you have valid Mexican insurance online, you’ll be able to go wherever you’d like to go. Of course, it’s generally best to have a basic plan. That’s especially true when you’re traveling with children. Map out your trip, but remain at least a little flexible. You never know when something will grab your interest. With a car and Mexican insurance online, you can go on adventures when the mood strikes.

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  • Imogene Cuellar
    September 26, 2014 4:56 pm

    Those who went to Mexico long ago would be shocked being asked for passport at the border. This is now a requirement. If you are driving, you also need to have Mexico insurance.

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