Mexican Auto Insurance is Available for Rental Vehicles

If your vehicle isn’t in great shape for traveling, you may want to consider a rental car for your pending trip to Mexico. Many tourists use this option for crossing the border, especially those traveling from far away by another method. Others choose this option to avoid unnecessary wear on their own vehicles. Regardless of your reason for renting, you still need to remember that Mexican auto insurance is important for your safe and legal travel over the border. With a rental approach, you will need to rent your specific vehicle first before buying your Mexico car insurance online. This can be handled with your wireless phone or tablet before you cross the border.

Mexican auto insurance

Permission Is Important

It is permissible to take a vehicle that isn’t your own into Mexico. However, you must have the permission of the owner to do so. With a rental vehicle, you will want to verify that the company with which you are working will allow over-the-border travel. Many companies cater to this need, so finding a rental car in a border area shouldn’t be difficult. However, if you are renting closer to home so that you have a vehicle for more than just your Mexico driving, you may need to research a little more deeply.

Mexican auto insurance available for Vehicles with US plates

Some people rent their vehicles in the US before heading out. In those cases, you can handle your Mexican car insurance online with Mexican Insurance Store just before you leave. Print your Mexican auto insurance from Mexican Insurance Store so that you will have proof of coverage. If you are on the road when you buy your insurance, you may need to find a computer or Internet store that allows you to print documents from your email. You can even find such spots in Mexico. Experts advise that you carry your proof of coverage with you. Indeed, it’s helpful to know that your Mexican auto insurance information is transmitted immediately to Mexican information systems.

Renting in Mexico

If you decide to rent a vehicle inside Mexico, you need to work with the rental business to discuss coverage options as Mexico car insurance from Mexican Insurance Store coverage is limited to NON MEXICO PLATED vehicles only.


Mexican auto Insurance from, Rental Car
Mexico Rental Cars With US Plates

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  • Verda Sheetz
    June 15, 2014 4:05 pm

    Planning is vital part for your visit to Mexico on the other hand getting the right vehicle and getting it insured is obligatory so the border officials can verify it. Mexico insurance handles this process with ease. Make sure to get your vehicle insured even if it’s a rental.

  • Audrea Lovejoy
    January 17, 2016 5:22 pm

    Renting a vehicle in Mexico is almost similar in US and you’ll see most of the major players, including local companies. You need a major credit card in Mexico and you need high quality Mexico insurance.

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