Thinking about your trip to Mexico, you may not realize that toll roads are prominently featured throughout the country. You may find it tempting to skip the cuota, toll, in lieu of the libre, free, highways at times. However, your Mexican auto insurance for visitors enables you to take advantage of some additional benefits on cuota roads. Of course, problems on a toll road without your Mexico car insurance policy can lead to amplified problems. It’s never wise to cross the border without the right coverage for your vehicle.

Mexican tollgate


Your toll also includes a special form of coverage for your vehicle. Incidents on toll roads are covered by supplemental insurance. If you have an accident because of poor road conditions, you are able to obtain this supplemental benefit. However, the lack of your own Mexican auto insurance for visitors will leave you without the right to claim supplemental coverage. For your best protection, choose the toll roads over the free options, and make sure that you have Mexico car insurance policy.

Why Not Libre Roads?

Although the free roads can save you a bit of money, the savings may not be worth the potential trouble you could face. For example, leaving Mexican Highway 1 for the libre road between Tijuana and Ensenada will take you on a much longer route. You’ll use additional gasoline as you travel inland through a hilly area. Drop-offs are abundant and guardrails may seem lacking at times. Speeds are slower as a result. The condition of the libre route may be unpredictable, leaving you at risk of running into rock slides, downed trees, and other hazards. It’s scenic, but it’s not nearly as beautiful as the drive along the Pacific. Do you really want to save a few dollars in cuota fees to face uncertain and slow progress?

When Toll Roads End

Beyond Ensenada, Mexican Highway 1 is no longer a toll road. Your only option is the open highway. Your Mexico car insurance policy is still necessary. You can take advantage of several assistance features besides your liability and damage benefits in your insurance coverage. Roadside emergencies can happen on both toll and free roads, and these features help in dealing with the issues.

Mexican auto insurance for visitors with comes with Free roadside assistance

Mexican auto insurance with
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