Mexican auto insurance for Canadians by Mexican Insurance – Vacationing in Mexico!

Senor Mex says: According to this post, there are more Canadians vacationing in Mexico than ever. For me, it comes as no surprise. During my travels south of the border, I routinely run into Canadian travelers.  I certainly hope that they remember to buy Mexican auto insurance for Canadians by Mexican Insurance before driving south of the border. The last thing anyone needs is to end up in jail while they’re down in Mexico, and that could actually happen if you get into an accident without valid Mexican auto insurance for Canadians by Mexican Insurance coverage. In my experience, Canadians are friendly, courteous and polite. They are generally very relieved to escape the frigid temperatures of Canada. Indeed, I usually run across the most Canadians during the winter. They tend to flock to Mexico’s most popular beach resort areas. Now that winter is approaching once again, many Canadians are probably making plans for Mexican getaways.

Boomers Abroad Post

“Being a Canadian now living in the Mexican Caribbean full time for the past year I am not surprised at the following reports. I myself vacationed in this area for nine years before deciding to stay permanently. The big draw for me was the year round warm weather, the incredible white powder sandy beaches, and multicolor turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.

According to the Mexican Tourism Board the number of Canadian vacationer’s visiting popular Mexican beach destinations to escape the long cold dreary Canadian winters has more than doubled in recent years. This is a record for any nation.”

Remember Mexican auto insurance for Canadians by Mexican Insurance is very important.

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