Mexican auto insurance coverage, a checklist for a Mexican road trip !

Are you really ready to head out on a road trip to Mexico? You should double check a few things before you hit the road. Are you prepared to drive legally? For one, you need Mexican auto insurance coverage by Mexican Insurance Store. High quality Mexican auto insurance coverage and a valid Mexican Insurance policy are vital as you will be detained in any at-fault auto accident until the authorities can ascertain if you have adequate coverage. Learn what else you might need below.

A good quality Mexican insurance policy isn’t all you’re going to need. You won’t even get into the country without a valid passport. You can also use an enhanced driver’s license. If you’re ever going to travel to other foreign countries, though, it makes more sense to get a passport. Enhanced driver’s licenses only work for travel by land and sea to Canada and Mexico.

Stock your car with the essentials, and resist the urge to bring along too many things. Avoid bringing expensive electronic gadgets too. You’re just asking for trouble. Bring along snacks and drinks to keep everyone happy during the drive. Keep a plastic bag in the car and collect garbage as it accumulates. If your car is in complete disarray, it’s more likely to be searched at the border.

Bring along a cell phone. It doesn’t have to be the one you usually use. You can get throwaway phones that work in Mexico. They are probably cheaper and easier to use than regular phones anyway. The last thing you need is to be completely cut off from contact with the outside world while you’re in Mexico.

Do you buy Mexican auto insurance coverage, and make a checklist for a Mexican road trip ?

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