Mexican Auto Insurance and Drivers Licenses!

Mexican Auto Insurance and Mexico Drivers Licenses

It’s smart to study up about what certain Mexican auto insurance policies cover and what they don’t. You always need to buy Mexican car insurance before crossing the border, but you shouldn’t just assume that it covers absolutely everything. For example, it’s generally best not to allow people with Mexican driver’s licenses to drive your vehicle. When checking Mexican insurance rates at, you will find that most policies do not allow you to do so, and you could run into some serious trouble if you allow it to happen. As always, there are exceptions to this basic rule. Learn more about whether or not you should allow people with Mexican driver’s licenses to operate your vehicle and Mexican auto insurance considerations below.

Primary Drivers

In almost all cases, the primary driver on a Mexican car insurance policy must be a U.S. or Canadian citizen. That doesn’t necessarily mean that people with Mexican driver’s licenses won’t be covered by the policy, though. To find that out, you need to read the exact policy fine print when checking Mexican insurance rates. If you’re in doubt, you should make a quick phone call to clear things up. If people with Mexican driver’s licenses aren’t covered and an accident occurs, you could be on the hook for a lot of money.

Vehicle Confiscation

Did you know that the Mexican authorities sometimes seize U.S. plated vehicles that are driven across the border by people with Mexico driver’s licenses whose residence is Mexico? It happens. While it’s important to make sure whether or not your Mexican auto insurance covers people with Mexican driver’s licenses, you might want to avoid it altogether because your car can be taken away while crossing the border. There are too many weird variables involved in this situation. The authorities are quite wary and suspicious of this type of scenario, so why invite trouble by allowing it to happen? Allow only drivers with US or Canadian drivers licenses to drive the vehicle across the border.


Exceptions do exist in terms of whether or not you should allow a person with a Mexican driver’s license to operate your vehicle. In some cases, it’s acceptable as long as a U.S. or Canadian citizen is also present in the car. Once again, though, is it worth it to you to be interrogated by the cops? If a U.S. or Canadian citizen is present in the vehicle, shouldn’t they just operate it? It all depends on how much hassle you want to go through, but it’s generally best to strictly allow people with U.S. and Canadian driver’s licenses to operate your vehicle equipped with Mexican auto insurance.

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