Mexican Auto Insurance and Better Business Bureau Ratings!

I used to think that Better Business Bureau ratings didn’t really matter. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that they definitely do. A few years ago, I bought Mexican auto insurance from a company that had a very poor rating with the BBB. I didn’t even bother to check and see what their rating was. I ended up paying way more than I should have for subpar coverage. On top of that, I got burned later when I filed a claim and was left hanging. Later, I found out that they had a hideous rating and bad reviews with the BBB.

When I was planning my next trip to Mexico, I was meticulous about checking the BBB rating for each Mexican auto insurance provider. I was immediately gratified to see that Mexican Insurance Store had a prominent Mexican auto insurance link to their BBB profile. I did a little more research, which included a quick and easy quote. When I was satisfied that I’d found a good Mexican auto insurance provider, I went ahead and bought coverage. I couldn’t believe how affordable and easy it easy to buy coverage through Mexican Insurance Store. From now on, I am always going to buy my Mexican auto insurance from them. The entire process is very streamlined and easy. I haven’t had to file a claim, but I’ve seen other reviews that say that the process is simple.

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  • Try or Its much better to buy online.

  • Buying Mexican auto insurance at the border can be a huge headache. But it’s the other way around when you get insured through the internet. Processing is faster and easier.

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