Make Mexico Your Next Backpacking Destination and Remember Mexican Automobile insurance!

Mexican Insurance Store’s Senor Mex says: When I was younger, I used to go backpacking all the time. While I did some backpacking in Asia and Europe, I found myself drawn back to Mexico again and again. If you’ve never backpacked in Mexico, it’s time you gave it a try. If you’re reluctant to go without a vehicle, you could always try a road trip instead. In that case, you’ll definitely need Mexican automobile insurance from Mexican Insurance Store. Backpacking is great fun, and some of the best things about it are highlighted in this post. Just remember Mexican automobile insurance is vital if you are driving in Mexico.

The Globe Trekker Post

“If you’re traveling the world and looking for your next holiday destination, why not consider Mexico? With an Atlantic and Pacific coastline, Mexico is a great destination for backpackers who are looking to have lots of different experiences in one country. Northern Mexico is characterized by dry deserts, while the south has tropical forests, with mountains and lakes in between.

The history of the country is everywhere you look, with the legacy of the Mayans and Aztecs mixing with Spanish influences to create towns and cities full of interest.

Mexico City
This densely populated city is usually the first port of call for backpackers and provides a useful introduction to the culture of the country through its museums, such as the Archaeological Museum and nightlife, such as that found in the Zona Rosa. However, it is a couple of hours out of the city that some of this country’s true history can be discovered.”

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Do you buy Mexican automobile insurance when you are driving in Mexico?

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  • As Mexico does not recognize USA insurance you need to purchase Mexican insurance when you are travelling to Mexico by car.

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