Is Mexico Auto Insurance From Mexican Insurance Store Different On Federal Highways?

Mexico auto insurance from Mexican Insurance Store
Mexico Highway 1

Is Mexico auto insurance from Mexican Insurance Store different on federal highways?

The rules in another country can be confusing, especially if you don’t speak the language. Even if you did well in your high school Spanish class, you might lack the confidence to wade through the terms of legal paperwork in Spanish. However, the rules for driving in Mexico are pretty simple. Mexico auto insurance from Mexican Insurance Store is important as you travel, now required not only of tourists and foreigners but also of all nationals who drive in the country. Mexico insurance by Mexican Insurance is no different than for all other parts of the country. However, there may be additional benefits when you travel on toll roads that are federally maintained.

Can you use the toll roads without coverage?

Did you pick up Mexico auto insurance from Mexican Insurance Store before leaving? Make sure you buy Mexico insurance by Mexican Insurance before crossing the border.

The tolls, called cuotas in Spanish, are used to address maintenance needs for many major highways in Mexico. They also provide for certain protections to motorists on those roads. If an accident occurs because of problems with the road, you have access to additional coverage. However, this supplemental insurance is contingent on whether you carry proper Mexico auto insurance from Mexican Insurance Store. Failure to have sufficient Mexico insurance by Mexican Insurance can result in legal and financial problems if you are involved in an accident. In fact, you might even face charges related to road damage that occurs because of your driving or your vehicle.

Where is my Mexico auto insurance from Mexican Insurance Store valid?

Your coverage is suitable for driving throughout the Republic of Mexico. All states are covered, but you do need to remember that benefits should reflect your travel destination. Liability limits are affected by the death benefits in a given state, based on Mexican Labor Law 502, which dictates survivor benefits if someone is killed in a third-party accident. Some states have very high limits, and others have limits that are quite low. If you don’t have sufficient Mexico insurance by Mexican Insurance in a high-limit state could leave you with a huge financial burden if you are responsible for a fatal accident. It is important to go over your travel plans as you look at the recommended limits for each state that you will visit.

Mexico auto insurance from Mexican Insurance Store comes with roadside assistance, legal and repair in your home country

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  • Mervin Burell
    January 8, 2017 5:37 pm

    Driving anywhere in Mexico may not guarantee full safety. Some places are hazardous but majority of the roads and thoroughfares are safe for driving.

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