Mexican Insurance Auto Liability Laws are Different in Mexico!

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Senor Mex says: I agree with most of this post, but I have to take exception to the point that says that Mexican Insurance Auto Liability coverage is the same in the U.S. and Mexico. In the U.S., the cops arent going to take you to jail for not having car insurance in the wake of an accident. In Mexico, it is a very real real possibility. This is precisely why most people opt to buy Mexican Insurance Auto Liability coverage before they head south of the border. The threat of jail is just too troubling to run the risk of going without this important coverage.

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“Mexico isn’t different that the U. S. in that car owners are required to present proof of a Mexican Insurance Auto Liability in the event of an accident regardless of whether you didnt cause it. Under Mexican law, you have to have Mexico vehicle insurance supplied by a Mexican insurance company that is allowed by Mexico’s National Insurance Commission.”

Just National Insurance Commission for more details on National Insurance Commission.

Check out the entire Learn to Drive post. Be a savvy and safe traveler. Always buy a best quality Mexican Insurance Auto Liability policy before you embark on your journey to Mexico. It is always the best course of action. Mexican Insurance Auto Liability laws are different in Mexico!

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