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Mexican Insurance for Canadians

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Mexican Insurance for Canadians – Group Travel

If you will be part of a driving vacation in Mexico, you may want to coordinate your Mexican insurance for Canadians with the other vehicle owners in your group. It is helpful to find a reputable Mexican car insurance for Canadians that allows for the trading off of driving activity. However, many Canadian groups also bring supply trailers or other towed items that could require some coordination. If there is a possibility that different vehicles will tow a given trailer, this will affect the related vehicles’ Mexican auto insurance for Canadians.

Towing and Sharing the Activity

Each towed trailer or vehicle needs to be included on the Mexican insurance for Canadians of the towing vehicle. If this will vary during the trip, add that same towed item to each vehicle’s primary Mexican car insurance for Canadians. If you are going to tow an extra car behind an RV, be aware that there is a need for separate Mexican insurance for Canadians to cover the driving activity of such a vehicle. Even if you haven’t thought about sharing the towing responsibilities among vehicles, it’s good to consider what would happen in case of a breakdown or grave illness. If the group is to continue on toward a destination while a vehicle owner waits for repair, a towing change could lead to unanticipated legal and financial issues if an accident follows.

Shared Driving Among Group Members

The caravan approach to travel in Mexico is a great safety mechanism, allowing for help to be easily obtained if anything goes wrong on the road. Mexican insurance for Canadians also provides roadside support services to assist if a vehicle is stranded due to a mechanical failure or an oversight such as inadequate gasoline. If you do share the driving responsibilities, your Mexican auto insurance for Canadians allows for unlimited other drivers who are at least 21 years of age and who have valid drivers’ licenses. Although young adults often participate in group trips from Canada to Mexico, especially in mission trips and other service-related ventures, those under 21 years of age are not eligible to drive under your Mexican insurance for Canadians.

Mexican Insurance for Canadians from comes with roadside assistance throughout Mexico at no additional charge

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  • Heike Inman
    April 1, 2015 5:12 pm

    There are lots of beautiful places to go in Mexico and careful planning matters for your safety. So always drive with your Mexican auto insurance. You wouldn’t know when you really need your coverage.

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