Green Angels Information – A Guide to Getting Help on Mexico’s Roads and Mexican Insurance Coverage

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 Mexican insurance coverage – Green Angels Information – A Guide to Getting Help on Mexico’s Roads

You might be surprised to know that Mexico’s government provides assistance to distressed motorists in the form of its Angeles Verdes, the Green Angels. These helpers are professional mechanics and healthcare workers who can deal with vehicle problems and medical emergencies affecting tourists in the country. This information can be helpful if you get stranded, but your Mexican insurance coverage guide can also provide relief if you are stranded on Mexican roads. When you compare options in Mexican car insurance online, look for free roadside support services among the available benefits.

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Green Angels

Getting Help from the Green Angels

Information can be shared with the Angeles Verdes on a 24/7 basis as you dial 078 from any phone. However, service is typically available on major roads such as toll routes and highways, and the organization only provides service between 8:00 in the morning and 6:00 in the evening. Although their service is free, you are responsible for the costs of parts or fuel if you need help.

Getting Help from Your Mexican Insurance Coverage

Your roadside assistance number from your Mexican insurance coverage online might not be as easy to remember as the Green Angels’ number, but you can pre-program your smartphone prior to your trip for easy use. This service is also free, and you can get help on conventional roads, including toll routes and highways. Your Mexican car insurance policy is not valid for off-road activity, so you will be on your own if you break down in such conditions. However, you can get help with a lockout in a grocery store parking lot, fuel if you run out before you reach a gas station, or towing if you break down on the highway.

A Guide to Choosing the Best Option for Help

The information related to your situation will probably determine how you proceed in seeking help for vehicle problems. If you have a late-night car problem on Mexican roads, your Mexican car insurance policy provides you with access to help. However, common sense should guide your driving decisions as night driving isn’t recommended for foreigners in Mexico. If you have a simple issue on a Mexican highway during the day, quick contact with the Green Angels could guide your decisions.

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  • My fiance’s van broke down in Ensenada will you please help me call me at 244-0145 I live in Ensenada my name is Rosie thank you so much Green angels and Mexican insurance store

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