Get Away from the Crowds in Chetumal Mexico with Mexican Auto Insurance Online!

If youre not the biggest fan of dealing with large groups of people, youre not alone. Many people are less than thrilled with the idea of spending their vacations among groups of other tourists. Of course, you have to be willing to brave the crowds if you want to see popular and iconic landmarks and attractions. Once youve seen many of Mexicos most popular sites, though, you could always move on to less popular options. If you buy Mexican auto insurance online and are willing to drive for a few days, you can pay a visit to the city of Chetumal. Because Chetumal is located in the far flung state of Quintana Roo, also the capital, you definitely need a good Mexican insurance online policy. Find out more about planning a trip to Chetumal below.

Getting to Chetumal

No matter what you do, the drive to Chetumal is going to take some time. It is located near the border with Belize, so its quite a haul. The nice thing is that once you buy Mexican car insurance, it will protect you all the way down. Mexican car insurance is valid throughout the entire country. After getting onto Federal Route 186, which is near the last leg of the journey, you will be out in very rural areas. Make sure to keep the car gassed up, because you’re not going to have many opportunities to stop from here on out.

Touring the Archeological Sites

There are dozens of great archeological sites scattered around the Chetumal and the surrounding region. After you arrive, you could always track down a local to give you a tour. There are also many well-established options. Oxtankah, which is located about five miles outside of the neighboring village of Calderitas, is a lovely choice. If you’re willing to drive about 40 miles north of Chetumal, you could spend the day exploring Chacchoben, which is the largest site in this lake-filled part of Mexico. One way or another, you’re sure to see many amazing things.

Seeing the Sights

Chetumal has more to offer than just archeological sites. To get the lay of the land, take a ride on the Bulebuzz, which is a small bus that takes people all around town. Roam around the streets to get a feel for the people of this unique city. Take a day trip over to the quaint village of Calderitas, too. It is most famous for its amazing seafood, which can be found in its many small but charming restaurants. If you really want to press the envelope, cross the border into Belize for the day, just remember that your Mexican auto insurance won’t work there. Get away from the crowds in Chetumal Mexico with Mexican insurance online!

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    September 10, 2021 6:12 pm

    In Mexico, everyone knows that Christmas is not only good for a short period of time. Truth is, it’s an entire month event, celebrated with family members celebration.

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