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Senor Mex says: I really love reading about other people’s adventures in Mexico. There seems to be one common theme: People usually drive to several different places while they are south of the border. Indeed, it’s critical to have access to a reliable vehicle if you want to make the most of your Mexican vacation. Nothing is more enjoyable than a road trip in Mexico, but you have to make sure you are protected by Mexican Insurance Store Mexico insurance at all times. When you buy it, make sure your Mexican insurance will remain valid throughout your entire visit too. With any luck, you won’t end up having to file a claim. Knowing it’s there and that it’s protecting you will be very reassuring. So make sure to line up decent Mexican Insurance Store Mexico insurance before you drive south of the border.

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“Right now, I’m enjoying a little stay here in Merida with my family – an absolutely beautiful colonial city! But one of the parts I always enjoy about my trips to Merida is the drive itself. A road trip is one of the many fun excursions that Americans and Canadians can enjoy in a Mexico retirement; I’m not retired yet, but I can definitely say I’ll be enjoying road trips like this one even more often when I am!”

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