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Mexican Insurance for CarsEl Nino News and Best Baja Travel Information

Recent news reports suggest that the 2015 winter will include heavy El Niño activity. The most recent such scenario was during the 1997 winter, a time that saw significant rain activity along the West Coast, including Baja. This type of event involves warm Pacific waters during the winter months and current information suggests wetter conditions in some parts of North America and drier conditions than usual in areas that normally receive significant rainfall. The best Baja travel tips during this season include having reliable Mexican insurance for cars to ensure that emergency help is easily available if needed. Check out the best Mexico insurance online information here.

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A dirt road through the middle of Baja, Mexico.

Important News and Information About Baja During El Niño Activity

Because much of Baja Norte’s Mexican Highway 1 is located along or near the coast, humidity is already an issue. However, rain can undermine infrastructure. This occurred in recent years as a section of the Ensenada Toll Road was severely damaged after heavy rains. This area was repaired and at best it reopened after several months’ work. Because these issues are unpredictable, one of the best news tips is to proceed with awareness, especially during rainy weather. Daylight driving is advisable, and it is sensible to wait for fog to clear off before driving on the highway. If you should run into an emergency situation, your Mexican insurance for cars from MexicanInsuranceStore.com includes roadside help for emergencies, including towing if your car is damaged to the point of being unable to operate. Use your wireless phone to monitor weather news and conditions, and consider obtaining a North America data plan for your time of travel to ensure that you don’t run up a huge bill while checking such news.

Plan for chilly weather in Baja Norte during such rainy periods. In many cases, homes and even motels, especially small sites, don’t offer central heating. You might want to have a space heater and extra blankets handy just in case you stay in a location that doesn’t provide heating.

Driving with Reliable Mexican Insurance for Cars

The best Mexico insurance online won’t keep you out of every possible danger, but having reliable Mexican insurance for cars is one of the best tips for being ready in case of trouble. Monitor local news as you travel to avoid serious weather problems. Use your wireless connections to fill in information that the news doesn’t provide.

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El Nino News – Best Baja Travel Information and Mexico insurance online

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