Ek Balam; Mexico’s Hidden City and Mexican Auto Insurance

Routinely passed by, Ek Balam is one of the best sightseeing buys in inland Mexico. Not as grand as Chichen Itza or as tall as Coba, Ek Balam offers the same experiences as these other ancient villages at about half the cost. Very reasonably priced, a family of four could tour the site for under $10.00. Mexican Insurance Store, your Mexican auto insurance professionals, brings you these Ek Balam travel tips. MexicanInsuranceStore.com knows how to save you a few pesos and still provide quality insurance policies. Review and compare full coverage Mexico Insurance from the many policies and programs today for comprehensive, reliable Mexican Auto Insurance.

Ek Balam Acropolis

Nestled between the towns of Valladolid and Santa Rita, Ek Balam is a structure containing over forty, recently discovered and restored, ancient ruins dating from 700 – 1100 A.D.. Once inside, visitors have the chance to see a pyramid, residences, a ball court and a superbly-reinforced, double-wall barrier. Visitors, seeking insight into the culture of Mexico’s early inhabitants, are now bringing this village back to life.

Visit to Ek Balam

In addition to its low admission price, one of the best features of Ek Balam is the self-paced visit. There are no tour guides, and visitors have as long as nine hours to explore this ancient city’s expansive grounds. When finished, if desiring to stay in the area, the Ek Balam Village area offers hungry travelers some ancient, yet fresh recipes in the town’s restaurant. While the food is not old, these recipes dating back to Mexico’s early inhabitants offer explorers the chance to taste foods that Ek Balam’s early residents may have consumed.

Later, if needing overnight accommodations, inexpensive rooms are also available to rent for reasonable fees. Depending on party size, no more than $100 will be needed for the tour, meal and evening’s accommodations. This makes Ek Balam the perfect inexpensive getaway or pit-stop on a cross-country, Mexican tour.

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