Don’t Leave These Four Things At Home When Visiting Mexico

You may have your checklist ready for your spring getaway as you prepare for fun and sun in Mexico. However, your spring break could get you in trouble if you don’t prepare very well in advance. One of the easiest items to secure is your Mexican car insurance for tourists as you can obtain a quote and buy your coverage online. After you’ve confirmed your destination and travel plans, get Mexican insurance online out of the way so you can travel legally and safely.

Sandy Beach in Puerto Penasco, Mexico.


Additionally, remember the following:

1. Passport: If you travel into Mexico without a passport and something bad happens, you could be facing legal trouble. Make sure you bring your passport with you before taking off.

2. Permission for your vehicle: If you drive a vehicle that isn’t yours into Mexico, prepare to show a letter of permission. It must acknowledge your permission to have the car in the country. Be aware that you can purchase Mexican insurance online for a vehicle that isn’t yours. However, only the actual owner can retrieve a vehicle from the authorities if it is held because of an accident.

Pro Tip: Mexican car insurance for tourists is required to drive on the toll highways across the border.

3. Communications device: Today’s travel in Mexico is not as far-removed from your circle of influence because of wireless technology. You can use your smartphone or tablet to update Facebook or Twitter accounts, and you can secure Mexico calling plans to keep communication rates down for your south-of-the-border adventure. A reliable device is important if you get into trouble on the road. Mexican insurance online makes it possible to get help in an emergency.

Mexican car insurance for tourists


If you get into an accident and have Mexican car insurance, Roadside Assistance means you can receive emergency help wherever you are across the border. Learn more about Mexican insurance online at Mexican Insurance

4. A dictionary and/or dictionary app: Although you may speak little or no Spanish, a dictionary or translation app can be a big help in a difficult situation. This may allow you to communicate your intentions at a checkpoint or your needs at a hospital. Your, but you may need some basic phrases as you deal with non-English speakers in urgent situations.

Mexican car insurance for tourists comes with Roadside Assistance at no extra cost!

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  • Glynda Parmentier
    March 26, 2015 4:49 pm

    Going to Mexican border during spring involves risks. Without expecting it, something can happen out of the blue. So always remember to bring your best defense: your Mexican insurance!

  • Ignacio Rickard
    April 12, 2015 5:46 pm

    This springtime don’t forget to bring your Mexico insurance when you take a vacation. Also, keep communications active when away from home. Relay to your loved ones how are you doing with your driving in Mexico.

  • Alessandra Biddle
    March 17, 2016 5:18 pm

    Spring time is the best time of the year to see Mexico and have fun. There are lots of stuffs to prepare, but Mexican auto insurance is on the top list.

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