Save When Exchanging Money or Buying Mexican Insurance Policies in Mexico!

Senor Mex says: Now that credit cards are so widely accepted, you no longer have to exchange hundreds of dollars when arriving in Mexico. However, you’re still going to need at least a little cash. It’s easy to end up paying more than you should for the service. Don’t just exchange money at the first place you find. One way to ensure that you get a great rate is by asking the front desk people where to go. They can usually recommend a local bank that will exchange the money at the most competitive rate. In general, you should stick with banks when exchanging money. Another smart option is to withdraw cash from an ATM. As long as you use a major network, you should be fine. Don’t buy your Mexican insurance policies down there though; buy Mexican Auto insurance policies online instead and save.

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“About Exchanging Money

1. Banks – Private ones tend to have better service and shorter lines but worse rates than the national banks.
2. Global Exchange office at the airport – They don’t tend to have good rates, but it’s very conveniently located. They’re open 5am – midnight.
3. Shops, Hotels, Restaurants etc. – If you have small dollar denominations almost anywhere will accept them as long as they don’t have to give dollars as change. However most offer terrible rates.”

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Do you save when buying your Mexican insurance policies online when traveling in Mexico?

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