Don’t Rule Out Mexico and Mexico Car Insurance!

Senor Mex says: This article couldn’t be more correct. While bad things happen in Mexico, you shouldn’t completely cross this beautiful country off your list. The vast majority of people who go to Mexico have a great time and don’t experience any trouble at all. You can increase your odds of having a smooth, worry-free visit by investing in decent Mexico car insurance at MexicanInsuranceStore. You’re far more likely to end up in trouble for not having Mexico car insurance than you are for just being an innocent bystander. Avoid trouble spots along the border and head directly to your destination to ensure a safe, exciting visit to Mexico. Just remember the Mexico car insurance.

Marlin Travel Post

“With winter here and spring-break a matter of weeks away, there are no doubt some Norfolk residents dreaming about an escape to a tropical resort. And the owner of Marlin Travel in Simcoe is suggesting people not scratch Mexico off their list. This, despite the fact this month alone, four Canadians have been attacked in Mexico, with three deaths.We spoke to the travel agency owner Kate Stratford who told us “I’d go today”. I would take my children and grandchildren”.”

Read the entire Marlin Travel post. Invest in top-notch Mexico car insurance to avoid trouble down in Mexico.

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