Does Santa Need Coverage? – Mexican insurance for autos from Mexican Insurance

Mexican insurance for autos from Mexican Insurance
Santas Sleigh

Mexican insurance for autos from Mexican Insurance – Does Santa Need Coverage?

As you discuss the details of a Mexican getaway for Christmas, Mexican insurance for autos from Mexican Insurance is an important issue so that you can drive legally and know that you are covered in case of an incident. As the kids pick up on the conversation about your coverage, they might wonder if Santa also needs Mexico insurance for cars. Although he is not the primary focus of a Mexican Christmas celebration, you don’t need to spoil their curiosity about the wonders of the season. A few talking points follow for dealing with those unexpected queries! Mexican insurance for autos from Mexican Insurance is now needed in order to drive legally on Federal highways in Mexico.

Towing and Reindeer – What Coverage Does the Man in Red Need?

One of the most important issues is whether the sleigh is actually eligible for Mexican insurance for autos from Mexican Insurance Although that sleigh may be flying for most of its time in Mexico, it will have some ground time. Our Mexico insurance for cars is available for foreign-plated vehicles, and the main question would be whether Santa has plates on his sleigh. Have the kiddos keep their eyes wide open during the trip to see if they can spot the plates.

Another important consideration is his driver’s license. Santa undoubtedly meets the age requirement for Mexico insurance for cars as he is well beyond 21 years of age. However, his licensing may be top secret. Perhaps he has an international license since he travels the world. However, this may be a fact worth investigating further. Maybe the kids can create an honorary driver’s license to leave with cookies and milk just in case.

Normally, a vehicle that will be towing requires additional coverage for the towed item. However, the reindeer hauling a sleigh is an oddity since the vehicle is being towed. If you will be towing, it is critical that you include your trailer or other towed items on your policy. Whether you are toting gifts for an orphanage or carrying presents for your own youngsters, as on-the-ground support for Santa, you will need to take every precaution, including selection of appropriate Mexican insurance for autos from Mexican Insurance

It would be wise during this time of year to pay attention to driving conditions. While Rudolph’s nose may provide sufficient lighting for the sleigh during dark conditions, we don’t want any reindeer accidents on the highways. Drive during daylight to avoid a reindeer strike.

Mexican insurance for autos from Mexican Insurance comes with legal, bail bond, repair in the US or Mexico and Roadside Assistance throughout Mexico.

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  • Eusebia Birkland
    March 13, 2015 5:34 pm

    Christmas celebrations sometimes throw many off-balance in terms of caution. Don’t let the Christmas fanfare intoxicate your head. Take care! Insure your car with Mexican auto insurance.

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