Does It Snow In Mexico?

AutAs Olaf says, some people are worth melting for. Some trips are worth melting for as well. However, many people are struck to find that Mexico isn’t always sunshine and heat. Winter conditions may be cool, and in some areas, you may experience frost or snow. Be prepared for various weather situations by selecting quality Mexico insurance coverage before you travel. Additionally, take advantage of travel support with your Mexican insurance policy as you go.

Mexican insurance coverage
Baja Valle de Guadalupe, Endemico

Snow in Mexico

Did you remember to pick up Mexican insurance from You need coverage. Without quality Mexico insurance coverage, not only are you not protected, but you can’t ride the toll roads either.

Mexico definitely includes some mountainous terrain although you may like visiting more touristy areas. However, Baja Norte is an area in which you could take time to go play in the snow during a winter trip. San Pedro de Martír is just a couple of hours south of Ensenada. Prepare yourself for the climb up mountainous roads. Don’t take chances if you don’t have a reliable vehicle.

Keep in mind that recognized roads are acceptable in terms of your quality Mexico insurance coverage. Bunny trails and off-road driving areas are not acceptable. An accident in such an area can invalidate your Mexican insurance policy. It is better to stick to the primary road up to the mountain. And it is important to consider driving in a caravan to ensure that you will not be alone in inclement conditions.

Snowy summits

Remember, Authorities Require Quality Mexico Insurance Coverage

If you will travel into Baja Norte during the winter months, prepare yourself for the Santa Ana winds. Proceed with caution, or take time to stop and enjoy a small town until winds settle down. Winter rains may be an issue, and you will want to watch for flooding if a serious storm moves through the area in which you will travel. Although recognized roads are acceptable to your car insurance for Mexico, it is unwise to drive through major puddles or flood zones. Damage to your vehicle could leave you stranded in an area well beyond your intended travel time. Even major communities can be cut off from access during the most intense storm systems.


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  • Brendan Buckelew
    January 12, 2015 4:41 pm

    I love winter and I love playing around with snow. I think Mexico is a great place to get there. To overcome my fears in driving, the best thing I did is to insure my car with Mexican insurance. I’ll be driving to Mexico soon and can’t wait experience the snow!

  • Broderick Kohnke
    January 15, 2015 4:37 pm

    If the road is foggy with snow, it’s difficult to drive safely. While in Mexico safe driving is not guaranteed. So I got all precautions I need from Mexican insurance store.

  • During extreme winter season, San Pedro de Martir gets snow which can impair visibility thus increasing your risk of accident. Be extra vigilant and prudent enough to take full Mexico insurance policy.

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