Discover Mexico’s Fall Observances with Mexican Auto Insurance

You may be able to observe certain Mexican holidays at home or in Mexico without obtaining Mexican auto insurance coverage. However, it is not advisable to bypass the need for a Mexico insurance policy if you will be driving as you travel. Your own vehicle could be at risk for loss or legal problems if you have an encounter with the law and lack the needed coverage at the time.

Mexican auto Insurance

Fall holidays and driving options

Fall is the most patriotic part of the year for Mexico. Beginning with the September 16 observance of the nation’s independence, you can garner a view of traditional garb as you watch area parades in both big and small communities. Your Mexican auto insurance should be effective at this and all points of driving activity in Mexico. The greatest concern during the September celebration is pedestrian activity surrounding parades, fiestas, and other related activities. Your Mexico insurance policy could create problems if you have inadequate coverage or if you lack a Mexico insurance policy. Similar issues can be a concern during the November observance of Día de la Revolución. The activities are similar to those of September, and pedestrian precautions are a must. Pro Tip: Mexican auto insurance lets you drive the toll roads, so secure a Mexican insurance policy beforehand!

So Now You Have a Mexico Insurance Policy. Anything Else You Need to Know?

Between these two holidays is Día de los Muertos, a day dedicated to the memory of loved ones who have died. You may encounter street vendors offering marigolds to those going to the graves of ancestors. Watch for pedestrian activity in this situation as well. Be an attentive driver to avoid joining the observance as a decedent. Carry strong liability limits with your Mexican insurance policy. This is to ensure that your obligations will be properly met in case of an accident.

Mexican auto insurance policy


Many people schedule their travels on these days so that they can participate and witness these activities. But you don’t need a holiday to face dangerous vehicle situations in Mexico. In an unclear situation, opt for higher Mexican auto insurance limits to avoid facing an accident without a means to be sure that claims will be covered. Your physical documents printed after the purchase of your Mexican insurance policy will serve as proof to authorities that you have driven in compliance with the area’s legal and financial requirements for physicians.

Each Mexican auto insurance policy from includes Roadside Assistance for peace of mind!

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  • If you’re not sure about what coverage to get, Mexico Insurance Store is here to give assistance in choosing the right one for you. Based on your travel needs, you can get one that goes with your budget.

  • Usually, the most expensive premium isn’t worth what it charges. Come to think of it before deciding where to get your Mexican insurance.

  • Short courses for cooking classes can make a big difference. This is good if you love cooking and learning new Mexican recipes.

  • Renna Potts
    June 27, 2017 6:02 pm

    Mexico insurance will make you lawful in driving your car. Peace of mind comes from being covered and you can concentrate on your trip with no worries.

  • With the bulk of airline travel between the cities of U.S. and Mexico, traveling by land is still the best choice.

  • Donita Wicks
    June 21, 2020 6:03 pm

    Bring patience when you go to Mexico because you may need to stop to enter. If you don’t have Mexico car insurance, expect to spend time and pay more at the border.

  • Jade Mclemore
    August 16, 2020 6:34 pm

    The advantage of shopping online is the chance to research for Mexico insurance companies and decide to purchase.

  • Venita Pacheco
    May 26, 2022 6:32 pm

    Mexico car insurance can be a little bit costly due to its high percentage of drivers driving without car insurance and lax penalties for those caught without car insurance.

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