With the school year drawing to a close in the next few weeks, you may be looking for some fun day trip ideas for the kids. With a summer-long policy of Mexican auto insurance for Tucson, you can make a number of day trips to enjoy recreational activities in Mexico. In fact, your Mexican insurance for Tucson Arizona vehicles can cover both short- and long-term travel across the border, allowing you to use the border area as a springboard for more extensive Mexican travel. In addition to Mexico insurance for Tucson, you will want to be sure that your passport cards or passports are in order for all members of your family who will travel from Arizona.

Nogales Port of Entry

Day Travel from Tucson AZ

The closest Mexican town to Tucson is Nogales, approximately a one-hour drive away. This border area is great for getting to know some basic Spanish and tasting local cuisine. You’ll find that tourist areas are fun for some light shopping for trinkets. You could make this day trip without Mexican auto insurance for Tucson if you want to walk across the border. However, traveling with children can be unpredictable. And it can be nice to have quick access to your vehicle for a short rest. Or you can do it for emergency supplies if someone begins to feel sick. Additionally, your Mexican insurance for Tucson enables you to check out more authentic stores that cater to area residents.

Longer Travel Ideas

You can reach Rocky Point and return in a day. Also, you may spend eight hours on the road for the round trip. If you leave early, this could be a fun way to enjoy a day at the beach. But you may want to consider an overnight trip in such a case. An RV makes it easy to stop and spend the night, and Mexico insurance for Tucson is also available for RVs. You may also decide to rent a condo or a house in the area if you want to spend several days. This can prove very convenient for family travel, allowing you to spread out and rest without feeling cooped up after a long day in the sun.

Mexican auto insurance for Tucson residents

Mexican Auto Insurance for Tucson, Arizona Residents

If you are thinking about traveling beyond Sonora, be sure that you select higher liability limits when you buy your Mexican insurance for Tucson. Recommended limits for Sonora are some of the lowest for Mexican travel, and your needs may be greater in more interior states.

Mexican Insurance for Tucson, Arizona Residents comes with FREE Roadside Assistance

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