Cross-Border Airport News and Insurance for Mexico Information

Insurance for Mexico

Cross Border Airport

Insurance for Mexico Information and Cross-Border Airport News

You may wonder if you need insurance for Mexico if you will only be driving to the Tijuana airport and parking as you embark on air travel from this location. You are required to have Mexican car insurance at any time that you are driving a foreign-plated vehicle in Mexico. With the upcoming opening of a cross-border airport in San Diego and Tijuana, the needs may change for those who have previously parked south of the border for such travel. In fact, a recent report notes that nearly all vehicles occupying the parking garage at the Tijuana airport have California plates. The development of the cross-border airport may change this, but those driving across the border will continue to be responsible for financial obligations in the event of an accident, which makes reliable coverage crucial.

Cross Border Airport

Why a Cross-Border Airport?

As reports note, some passengers claim that their border crossing time is longer than their flights. The Tijuana border crossing can be quite active, and timing makes a huge difference in getting across efficiently. Some walk across the border into Mexico and take taxis to the airport. However, this can be challenging for those who have a significant amount of luggage to manage. Being able to park at the airport and cross after paying a terminal fee may simplify matters significantly. The new airport is not believed to pose a business threat to San Diego’s airport due to the fact that routes from Tijuana are not the same as those from San Diego.

Why Buy Insurance for Mexico for a Short Trip?

Even if your needs aren’t related to air travel, you might find yourself questioning the need for a short-term insurance for Mexico policy for a quick trip. There are several important reasons:

  • The law requires Mexican car insurance for nationals. All motorists are expected to have coverage.
  • Accidents are unpredictable, and lacking insurance for Mexico could lead to big expenses and even jail time.
  • Mexican car insurance from allows you to get help if you have battery trouble, a lockout, or a breakdown in Mexico.
  • Your insurance for Mexico includes towing if your vehicle breaks down, which could get you across the border if you have trouble in that area.

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  • Roscoe Handley
    November 22, 2016 4:20 pm

    Wedding events in Mexico are so popular. It simply means that couples choose to get their wedding venue in a beautiful place. Driving around to find the best venue requires Mexico insurance.

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