Conejitas, Kardashians and Coverage – Mexican Travel Tips with Mexican Insurance for Autos

While American celebrities may travel with paparazzi in tow, you should be able to enjoy a much less dramatic vacation as you head to Baja for some rest and relaxation. Just make sure that you travel with Mexican insurance for autos. It seems that every time a Kardashian heads to Cabo, it makes the headlines of less-than-newsy sources. In fact, even Mexican versions of E! are discussing Khloé’s recent birthday trip and her bunny ears. You should be able to stay out of the limelight. You can do this as long as you steer clear of the racy resorts in areas like Cabo. After all, an extended time in a foreign jail due to failure to carry Mexico insurance for visitors could be bigger news than you would like.

Cabo San Lucas Harbor


Kardashian antics may seem consistent with the scene in Cabo and other major resort cities. However, exploring the outskirts of such communities may expose you to a more reserved but warm side of the culture. Remember to buy Mexican insurance for autos f before leaving! You may have to show a more reserved side to enjoy this look into life in a typical Mexican community as the culture is much more concerned with polite behavior and modest dress. This is true in small, rural communities in various places, and it is generally the case in larger cities as you spend time out of the tourist zones.

If you plan to play the part of a spring break party, just remember that these activities are better suited to resort areas in towns known for such activities. Don’t take that activity on the road to reserved areas. Otherwise, you may find that you attract the wrong kind of attention in Mexico. Try not to drive off the roads, since Mexican insurance for autos doesn’t cover off-road adventures. And obviously, Mexico insurance for visitors will not help you if you’re driving intoxicated.

Mexican insurance for autos

Driving without Mexico insurance for visitors can land you in hot water!

It is illegal to drive in Mexico without covering your travel with Mexico car insurance. Although a lack of incidents may result in your safe exit from the country without any insurance issues, an accident can lead to serious red tape. Your insurance policy provides for legal assistance and bail, helping you to deal with the repercussions of an accident. However, a lack thereof may lead to your detention until your financial obligations are met.

Mexican insurance for autos from gives you peace of mind! 

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