Car Insurance for Mexico is for Vehicles from Outside of Mexico!

Senor Mex says: This post is absolutely correct about the fact that Car Insurance for Mexico is strictly designed for vehicles that are registered from outside of Mexico. It is meant for people who are traveling through Mexico and don’t have regular insurance policies. You can’t use this type of coverage for a vehicle that has Mexican plates. It won’t work. If you do that and are involved in an accident, the cops will treat the situation as if you have no Car Insurance for Mexico coverage at all. That means that you could end up in jail. Make sure that the car you’re buying Car Insurance for Mexico for is registered outside of Mexico. You certainly don’t want to run into any trouble when enjoying a vacation. Post

“In addition, before buying your Car Insurance for Mexico online, consider where the insured vehicle is registered. [Tourist] Mexico car insurance does not cover vehicles registered in Mexico. It strictly covers vehicles registered outside of Mexico. Keep in mind, if you are involved in an accident while on vacation in Mexico, even with the proper Car Insurance for Mexico , you will still be detained or incarcerated after the accident.”

Read the whole post. Make sure to buy the right Car Insurance for Mexico at Mexican Insurance Store every time.

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  • Yvone Shively
    April 20, 2022 6:10 pm

    How do you get the best rates for Mexican car insurance? One thing to do is to shop around, compare quotes, and make sure you have the very best-quality coverage. It doesn’t cost more.

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