Buy Mexican Insurance – What Can I Bring Back?

Buy Mexican Insurance – Returning From Mexico Vacation: What Can I Bring Back?

You’ve had a great time on your Mexican vacation and have done a lot of shopping. But, after all of the energy spent searching for the perfect souvenir, are you 100% sure it is allowed to come back to your home country?

Buy Mexican Insurance comprehensively.

The trouble is, even with legitimate U.S. or Canadian auto insurance, no matter how comprehensive your coverage is, it doesn’t cover your financial obligation for the people or property outside your motor vehicle. So review your US or Canadian car insurance. This explains why it is vital to buy Mexican Insurance from an officially licensed company with permission to conduct business in Mexico.

Compare Mexican auto insurance costs

Basic common sense would dictate you review and compare Mexican auto insurance at Mexican Insurance online before entering the country. You will have a better understanding of what you are getting, and just as importantly, you can see what you are NOT getting. Many visitors to Mexico miss out on major savings by not using their resources before their travel begins. We pride ourselves on giving the best rates on Mexican car insurance.

Importation and exportation rules

While Mexico’s importation and exportation rules are not the same as those in the U.S., travelers will be fine if they remember these guidelines:

Cuban cigars

1) If you purchase Cuban cigars in Mexico, you must smoke them before leaving the country. Cuban cigars are not allowed to be brought from anywhere into the U.S. and confiscated upon entry. Alternatively, bring some Mexican-made cigars back to the States (100 or less) and enjoy the Cuban ones in Mexico.

Mexico’s legal drinking age is 18

2) While Mexico’s legal drinking age is 18, it is still 21 in the U.S. Young people who purchase alcohol in Mexico have to be of legal drinking age in the States to transport it across country lines. Please don’t waste money by bringing it back in a trunk or anywhere else. Authorities can always search vehicles. The proper and legal thing to do is always adhere to each country’s laws.

Traveling is a privilege.

Remember, traveling is a privilege. Follow the rules, and you can always go back. After you buy Mexican insurance by comparing Mexican auto insurance policies, be aware that drunk driving invalidates your Mexican car insurance policy inside Mexico.

Buy Mexican Insurance robustly, but buy products in moderation.

3) Buy in moderation. The dollar goes further in Mexico, many travelers are tempted to purchase bulk quantities of items. This can be a savings and a loss as many items have cut-off limits regarding how many of each item can be brought back to the U.S. without penalty.

Mexican wines are superb.

For example, Mexican wines are superb but only limit yourself to purchasing a total of three liters. Another popular importation item, cigarettes, must be limited to a total of 200 per person. Be sure to check with the latest State Department regulations for updated quality information and allowable duty-free, per person amounts.

Buy Mexican Insurance – Returning From Mexico Vacation: What Can I Bring Back?


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