Border Guide: Information About the Wait to Enter and Exit Mexico

Your Mexican car insurance for visitors is a matter of obeying the law. Although some tourists try to get by without Mexico car insurance, an accident without coverage could be catastrophic. In a deadly incident, you could be left in jail due to a shortfall in coverage or due to your inability to cover the relatively high costs associated with death benefits for survivors. Therefore, you have to be on the alert to avoid potential problems even at the border. Use the following information guide to have a successful and safe border crossing.

Traffic Circle in Mexico

Know the traffic patterns

Border crossing apps provide helpful information and guide you when approaching a hectic time. However, common sense is often an excellent guide to crossing safely. You can expect activity at the border to surge based on two primary factors, tourism and employment. Border communities feature a consistent flow of commuters during both morning and evening rush hours.

If you are traveling on a weekday other than a holiday, you can expect the crossing into Mexico to be smoothest before the evening rush hour. Cross before mid-afternoon to avoid severe traffic. On a Friday, cross a bit earlier. Similarly, if you leave Mexico on a weekday, wait for rush hour to clear to enjoy a stress-free exit. Weekend traffic is consistently heavy, but the best information indicates that entry into Mexico is more severe in the early part of the day, and exit traffic is heavy in the afternoons.

Mexican car insurance for visitors

Watch pedestrian activity

Although your most significant concern might be avoiding car wrecks, you need to be aware of pedestrian issues at the border as you leave. Your liability coverage for your Mexican car insurance for visitors could come into play if you strike a pedestrian, and you will encounter many as they sell goods to those leaving Mexico. You might avoid this issue if you have a fast pass, which you can obtain from some businesses in the country. However, this won’t relieve you of your obligation to carry Mexico car insurance.

Pro Tip: Authorities require Mexican car insurance for visitors, so pick up Mexico car insurance ASAP!

Why do you need a Mexico car insurance policy? Proof of financial responsibility

Proper coverage is your proof of financial accountability if you have an accident. Mexico car insurance also assures you of legal assistance if you are in an accident.


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  • That is right. You can take advantage of your liability coverage when you hit a pedestrian while driving in Mexico. You can’t avoid those vendors selling everywhere that mostly cause accidents. Always bring your Mexican auto insurance all the time.

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