Best Strategies for Keeping Documents Handy While in Mexico

One of the most important documents to have access to while on the road in Mexico is your car insurance policy for Mexico. If you are involved in an accident, your Mexican auto insurance policy information serves as proof of your ability to cover costs associated with damages deemed to be your responsibility. You should carry a copy of these documents in print, and it is wise to have a backup set in case somebody steals your vehicle. However, you might find it necessary to access this information electronically in some situations. Following are helpful ways to prepare for situations that might require you to find an electronic copy of important information or documents.

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1. Emailed Attachments

When you buy a car insurance policy for Mexico, you will receive your proof of coverage via email. By saving this email, you can reprint your Mexican auto insurance coverage information as needed. Or you can show it to an official if your printed copy is unavailable. Your coverage can be verified if you are involved in a situation but lack documentation. This is because an online purchase of car insurance is immediately communicated to Mexican information systems.

Similarly, you can email yourself documentation of payments for rooms, reservation details, contact information for attractions. And you can even email yourself driving directions for various portions of your trip. You may download an emailed attachment to your smartphone via a Wi-Fi connection or by using data. Just be sure to consider enhancing your wireless plan to allow for foreign data, voice, and messaging. And make sure to get terms that will allow you to access such information affordably.

2. Cloud-Based Document Systems

Whether you use Google Documents, Office 365, or another cloud service to store important documents, your wireless data makes it simple to access your information from a tablet or wireless device. You will still be dependent on your data plan or a Wi-Fi connection to make use of such services.

3. Portable Storage

You may want to carry a flash drive, DVD, or SD card with important documents stored so that you can use them as needed. You might choose to download those of importance directly to your wireless device. This is especially true if you aren’t expecting to need many documents,

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  • While travelling in Mexico, nothing beats the usefulness of Mexican insurance. Among the top documents to carry, your policy goes farther than the usual protection it gives.

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