Best Mexican Auto Insurance and Shopping in Zihuatanejo, Mexico!

Although it has retained its reputation as an untouched vacation destination, Zihuatanejo is actually the third most visited resort town in the country of Mexico. A huge part of its hype is the fact that its not terribly far away from Mexico City. If you are going to be in Mexico City and would like to spend a long weekend on a lovely beach, Zihuatanejo is a great option. By car, the drive is about six hours. To get there without any trouble though, you are going to need the best Mexican Auto insurance from Naturally, there is a whole lot more to hanging out in Zihuatanejo than laying on the beach; learn a little more about its other fine attractions and things to do below!

Buying the Best Quality Mexican Auto Insurance for Zihuatanejo

First things first: You are going to need to purchase high quality Mexican liability insurance if you want to get from Mexico City to Zihuatanejo in one piece. This is assuming that you have driven your own car down to Mexico City. If you are in a car that has a Mexican license plate, you will not be able to use Mexico insurance and will have to seek other options. As long as your car has Canadian or U.S. plates, though, you can buy high quality Mexican liability insurance online in a matter of minutes. Its best to take care of this before you leave the States, too.

Hanging Out in Zihuatanejo

Not surprisingly, Zihuatanejo has plenty of options when it comes to beaches. Theres a lot more to this charming town, too. Its malecon, or boardwalk, is an especially great place to spend time. It is known locally as the Paseo del Pescador, or Fishermans Path, and its a fun place to be at any time of the day or night. During the day, the numerous shops along its length are open for business; during the night, bars and restaurants get especially lively. You will have a blast exploring this interesting part of town.

Shopping Fun

If you have money thats burning a hole in your pocket, you’ll have plenty of chances to spend it down in Zihuatanejo. The best place to go is the Mercado de Artensanias, or the crafts market. More than 250 shops are located in this bustling market, which makes it easy to find absolutely anything that you could imagine. Be prepared to haggle, too, which is the norm in these types of places. By the time you leave, you should be loaded down with all sorts of exciting purchases. No matter what you do, youll have a great time in Zijuatanejo. Shop and dine in Zihiatenejo, Mexico with the best Mexican insurance!

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  • Jeannetta Legendre
    September 5, 2021 7:17 pm

    From small boutique shops to coffee stores and department stores, you will find many opportunities to shop various kinds of stuff around Mexico.

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