Be Street Legal while Visiting Mexico With A Valid Online Mexican Auto Insurance Policy

Like most people, you probably know that you need a passport to get into Mexico. One thing that you may not realize is that you need special auto insurance too. Without a valid online Mexican auto insurance policy, you could technically be breaking the law because you may not be able to take financial responsibility in case of an auto accident. If you’re going to drive while you’re south of the border, you need to go on the Internet to get online Mexico car insurance at Without it, there’s a very real chance that you could end up in jail.

How will They Know?

It’s true that the authorities won’t know that you haven’t purchased Mexican insurance. It’s not like it’s a sticker that is affixed to your vehicle. They won’t ask you for it at the border. If you pass through a military checkpoint, you won’t be asked for it there either. None of this means that you can get away with driving without it. The main time you’ll need it is in the aftermath of a car accident. At that point, you’ll need to produce a copy of your online Mexican auto insurance policy right away. If you’re unable to do so, you will probably be detained.

Why Jail?

If you’re taken to jail for not having online Mexico car insurance, you will be detained there while the police complete their investigation. It doesn’t mean that you are actually being locked up as punishment for not having purchased Mexican insurance. The cops simply need to keep tabs on you until they are able to get to the bottom of things. If you don’t have an online Mexican auto insurance policy and they let you go, they could be in a lot of trouble. All drivers have to be able to handle their financial obligations in the event of a car wreck in Mexico, and Mexican insurance is the easiest way to fulfill that obligation.

Be Ready for Anything

It’s not like it is difficult to get your hands on decent Mexican automobile insurance. In fact, you can snag a great policy online in just a few quick minutes. There’s no excuse for heading into Mexico without the protection of this important coverage. If you opt not to get it and end up in jail, you’ll only have yourself to blame. The police won’t care about any excuses that you may have. Be smart and get insurance before you hit the road for Mexico.

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  • Reuben Huhammad
    July 19, 2013 5:47 pm

    My friend who just visited Mexico a week ago was incarcerated because he couldn’t produce a copy of his Mexican auto insurance in Mexico. I told him the consequences of not obtaining one but he didn’t listen. But he managed to fix it and he’s now free, thankfully.

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