Baja Mexican Insurance Policy: Choosing Reliable Companies

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Baja Mexican Insurance Policy: Choosing Reliable Companies

To secure a good quality Baja Mexican Insurance policy, savvy travelers begin by reviewing a few Mexican insurance carriers’ financial strength and claims-paying ability as a first step and then comparing online coverage and rates that meet their needs as a second step.

Mexico practices Napoleonic law. You must protect yourself from the possibility of being “jailed” if you are found at fault in an auto accident. All US and Canada auto insurance policies have territorial exclusions for “Liability” coverage in Mexico. Most domestic insurers do not cover collision for your vehicle within Mexico.

Purchasing Mexico Insurance from an independently rated insurance company that combines adequate “liability” limits with value-oriented features and benefits is the goal when purchasing insurance for Mexico. This method is nearly impossible to apply if you buy coverage at one of the border sellers; however, it has been getting easier to research a policy that can be understood and purchased less expensively over the past few years. This is if you purchase coverage online over the internet.  Purchasing Mexico Insurance from specialists is best.

In fact, the best Baja Mexican Insurance policy deals are now online.

At a minimum, look for Baja Mexican Insurance policy companies with an “A” rating or higher. They need to be admitted and authorized to let you purchase Mexico insurance. If any website doesn’t show right on the opening page, their Baja Mexican  insurance policy is “A” Rated by A.M. Best in the US.

Mexico Insurance Companies

This includes Mexico Insurance Companies, and then you can bet that the website is selling policies from an un-rated or poorly rated insurance company. A.M. Best and Standard and Poor’s (who rate global, foreign, and domestic insurers) are the industry standard rating agencies.


In fact, many insurance companies do business with other insurance companies (Reinsurance). The minimum standard for all but a very few insurers is an A.M. Best’s Rating of “A” as a MINIMUM. Therefore, when purchasing Mexico insurance, buyers should ask themselves a few questions: Can I buy coverage from an insurer who has an “A” rating for financial strength and claims-paying ability? Or am I being asked by an agent or a broker to accept an unrated Baja Mexican insurance policy?  Will they may pay the agent more commission to peddle bare-bones coverage?

Ratings matter

The size of any insurance company as a measure of strength or claims-paying ability is a questionable measure of fitness.) What is the usual response to this question when an agent does not wish to reveal the true nature of your risk? They say, “Why they are the first, second, third, etc., the largest insurer in (any country).”



First, look at the company rating ( “A” is Standard ), next to the Baja Mexican insurance policy limit and features, and finally, the price. This professional Mexico insurance purchasing method, will help you evaluate and compare rate quotes on a clear apples-to-apples basis. This helps you get what you pay for should you ever be involved in a car accident or lose in Mexico.

Baja Mexican insurance policy ratings are excellent because Mexican Insurance Store sells A or A+ independently rated insurance. In addition, each policy comes with Roadside Assistance at no additional cost to you.


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