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Love the thought of a golfing vacation in Mexico? Baja offers a variety of experiences from the top of the peninsula to the tip. You’ll find that major resort communities may draw the jet-set to enjoy courses designed by big names in the sport. Still, you can also find many breathtaking views and pleasant playing experiences in smaller communities. Your car insurance for Mexico is important on a driving vacation to ensure that your on-the-road experience is covered in case of an accident or emergency. You can also look for Mexican insurance for driving that covers your own golf cart for on-course activity.

Golf course top view with players—aerial view of golfers on putting green.

Settling in or Passing Through?

If you need to know about courses in an area that you want to visit for a long-term stay, you may want to delve into details about that community as well as those in the surrounding area. For example, Rosarito may offer several courses that require just a short traveling distance to reach. This will allow you to make some comparisons golfing as you decide on your favorite course, the best fees, and other important details. You may find that some such courses are designed just for you, aimed at attracting your long-term loyalty. As long as you drive a foreign-plated vehicle for your golfing adventure, you will need car insurance for Mexico is still required but handled by different providers for those who import their vehicles and obtain Mexican plates.

Higher Liability Limits

If your golf vacation involves various courses in different towns and states, you will want to ensure that your coverage includes higher liability limits based on your itinerary. State requirements depend on wages in the area, which can vary quite a bit in different Mexican states. If you tow a golf cart, you will need to complete the towing information on your quote for car insurance for Mexico. You may want independent Mexican insurance for driving to cover your golf cart. This is to ensure that issues such as theft and accidents don’t become major expenses.

Car Insurance for Mexico By Mexican Insurance comes with roadside assistance throughout Mexico at no additional charge.


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  • Guadalupe Ogorman
    February 23, 2017 4:10 pm

    If you have full coverage, you profit from features like trip interruption and towing coverage. On the other hand, your benefits are only limited if you try to buy cheap Mexico insurance.

  • Denna Greiner
    August 8, 2017 5:59 pm

    In case you fail to report a claim in Mexico before leaving for another country, it will be considered a denial by your insurance provider.

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