All-Week Fishing Charters in San Felipe and Mexico insurance from


Mexico insurance from
Week Long Fishing Charters in San Felipe, Mexico

Mexico insurance from – All-Week Fishing Charters in San Felipe, Mexico

While you can theoretically fish throughout the year in Mexico, the seasons in different areas can vary. Some locations offer opportunities for different species throughout the year. Some charter companies focus on a specific window or species. It’s important to think about issues like weather, travel volume and area dynamics as you decide on a destination and charter company. Your Mexico insurance from should be consistent with these plans as you need to maintain coverage throughout your stay. If you will be away from your vehicle for significant segments of time, consider Mexico auto insurance that includes theft protection. Mexico insurance from is needed to drive on any highway in Mexico!

All-Week Fishing Tours

An example of a charter with a full week of fishing and sightseeing is available in San Felipe with Tony Reyes Fishing Tours. The company provides a comprehensive experience out of San Felipe. The six-day tours leave on a Sunday morning and return the following Friday in the evening. Schedules are outlined in advance, but it is important to note that unexpected circumstances can lead to changes in the company’s ability to carry out a tour. Occasional cancellations are possible, but refunds are issued.

The company handles all of the logistics for obtaining permits, processing your catch and keeping you hydrated. Those participating will venture out daily from the main boat on pangas. Time is also permitted for activities like beach exploration and diving.

While San Felipe is only a two-hour drive from the border, you need to be sure that your Mexico auto insurance is purchased in advance of your crossing into Mexico. The drive should be easy as you follow Mexican Highway 5 from Mexicali to San Felipe. It’s also possible to cut over from Highway 1 to Highway 5 by using Highway 3 through the Valle de Guadalupe.

Reliable Mexico Insurance from

Although your only driving days may be the days on which you arrive and leave, a lapse in coverage in between may leave your vehicle vulnerable. It is wise to make the most of the secure parking offered by the tour company. However, it’s important to note that even secure spots can be vulnerable at times. Additionally, your Mexico insurance encompasses roadside assistance and travel interruption coverage, important if something goes wrong as you travel to or from San Felipe.

Mexico Insurance from includes Roadside Assistance and Legal at no additional charge.

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