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Originally founded in the city of Leon, Mexico as Seguros del Centro in 1943, HDI, (short for Liability Association of German Industry), is a Mexican Auto Insurance with a proven track record of providing quality car claims services at an affordable premium. The insurer is rated by A.M. Best as A+ and also Standard and Poor's as A+ (Strong) with over $50 Billion in assets.
A member of the Gerling family of companies supported by German giants Talanx International, one of the biggest insurers in Europe. The group is a major influence inside Mexico with resources required to deliver the best quality Mexican car Insurance policies. In Latin America, the insurer also has a strong presence with operations in Brazil, Chile, and Mexico.

What is HDI?
The insurer abbreviation, short for "talking about innovation", is a Mexican Insurance specialist with a proven track record of providing quality car claims services at a fair price. With a never-ending commitment to new ideas and innovation, this insurer continues to establish itself as a top option inside Mexico.

HDI Seguros ranked #1 by CONDUSEF
The group was recently announced as the Mexican car insurance provider with the highest quality service by The National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (CONDUSEF).
According to the government agency, HDI Seguros provided the most complete car claims service to its customers, scoring a 92 out of 100 possible points and finishing first in a survey of 18 of the biggest Mexican auto insurance providers in the country. HDI also won several individual categories, scoring a 92 for service physical damage requiring the use of a repair shop, and a 90 for total theft.

Auto Pronto
This company has also invested in its infrastructure, building a new Mexican car insurance comprehensive claims center named Auto Pronto in the city of Aguascalientes. A state of the art facility designed to improve the repair of damaged cars, Pronto was created to provide policyholders with an unprecedented amount of personal attention to best fulfill the HDI commitment to innovation. There are 4 facilities open in the cities of Leon, Guadalajara, Queretaro and Aguascalientes and in 2019 the company will open 20 more Auto Prontos, on different cities around the country,

Benefits of Pronto Services include:

1 The insured will be assisted directly by their staff during the process of repairing your vehicle.

2 Qualified Pronto personnel will explain the repairs to the clients in detail

3 The insured selects the workshop where the vehicle will be repaired

4 The delivery date will be released to the client at the moment of the receipt of the vehicle

5 The company verifies the quality of the repair before delivering the vehicle

HDI also has Mexican auto insurance claims offices in the following cities:
  • Aguascalientes
  • Cancun
  • Celaya
  • Ciudad Juarez
  • Ciudad Obregon
  • Ciudad Victoria
  • Culiacan
  • Cuernavaca
  • Chihuahua
  • Mexicali
  • Mexico City
  • Guadalajara
  • Hermosillo
  • Irapuato
  • Merida
  • Mochis
  • Monterrey
  • Morelia
  • Oaxaca
  • Pachua
  • Puebla
  • Queretaro
  • Saltillo
  • San Luis Potosi
  • Tampico
  • Tijuana
  • Toluca
  • Torreon
  • Tuxpan, Ver
  • Tuxtla, Gtz.
  • Veracruz
  • Zacatecas
  • Zamora
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