Explore CHUBB Platinum Mexican Auto Insurance - Travel Assistance Features

Need some solid insurance to cover that trip to Baja in Mexico? Look no further than CHUBB Platinum Mexican Auto Insurance! When you want your coverage, you can count on worldwide rank of financial strength and claims paying ability second to none! Just this January in 2024, A.M. Best affirmed CHUBB’s A++ ratings for our superior financial stability; Standard and Poor’s awarded us the second highest score of AA for our financial strength.

So what makes CHUBB Platinum Mexican auto Insurance different? Let me explain.

First of all, medical support is completely provided. As long as you get seriously ill or are injured in a car accident, we have your ambulance covered. And if you are severely injured, we will cover the price of your loved one’s airplane ticket to visit you. We care about you and would like to make sure you are going to safe and sound.

Legal assistance now. In case of an accident, you will have the assistance and legal protection of an English-speaking lawyer who will take you through the entire legal process. If there is a need for a bail bond, we will take care of that. Our legal assistance is not only limited to that, it will also cover your needs such as injury, property damage, robbery, or violation support. You will always have legal experts who will be ready to help you deal with any kind of legal problem you might have.

And what about those surprises that derail your trip? Not to worry. Trip interruption coverage kicks in if your vehicle is stolen or acted upon by another person to render it inoperable; if you or a passenger is taken ill with a serious medical condition while on the trip; and for a variety of roadside assistance failures or emergency road closures, too. We want to do everything that we can to ensure that your trip goes as smoothly as possible. We want to keep you (and up to four passengers) safe and happy on the road.

Assistance services with your CHUBB Platinum Mexican Insurance: Rental car, towed or disabled auto, non-accident medical emergency, locksmith services, flat tire change, gas / diesel fuel delivery, dead battery, legal or bail bonds, emergency message relay.

Besides these basic features, we provide some optional comforts as a part of the package. We will grant you four passes if your vehicle is totaled in a collision, totally stolen or in repair for over 30 days. We also let you use our message service and cash advances for dealing with unexpected events when travelling.

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