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2. Are Mexican Insurance Store’s online policies better than paper policies?

For decades paper-generated policies were the only option when it came to buying Mexican insurance. Today, first-rate policies can be quoted, purchased and instantly downloaded to your insurer. Online policies are superior to paper-generated ones for a number of other reasons.

Paper-generated Mexican insurance policies are issued by salesmen, usually in mini mall offices. To buy them, then, you usually need to stop in. Once you've paid for your policy, it can be several days for it to truly be recognized by your insurance company. The insurance salesman has to send it off, which he'll usually do by mail. Mail is often held up at the border, which tacks additional time onto the process. After arriving at the home office in Mexico, policy information has to be manually processed and placed into an archaic batch system.

With online Mexican auto insurance policies, the steps are handled in one fell swoop. No snail mail is used; instead, policy information is instantly transmitted to the appropriate places in Mexico. Within minutes of ordering a policy online, you can safely drive into Mexico, knowing if anything happens, the backroom is taken care of and when required, claims staff can find your policy. In terms of speed, reliability and quality, online policies are the obvious choice.

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