Your U.S. Car Insurance Policy is Not Valid in Mexico!

Two cars accident.

There’s a great deal of confusion out there about driving into Mexico. Many people take quick peeks at their regular car insurance policies, to feeling that coverage in Mexico is probably included, then figure that they are all set. The reality is, U.S. car insurance is not valid in Mexico. You always need to purchase Mexican automobile insurance when traveling by car south of the border. Why is the misconception that U.S. or Canadian car insurance may work in Mexico so widespread? There are many reasons; needless to say, though, this isn’t something that you want to be careless about. Find out why you absolutely must have Mexican Car insurance by reading on below.

You Could Land in Jail

Some U.S. car insurance policies do have provisions in the event that you damage your vehicle south of the border for a limited number of miles. However, those policies do not – and cannot – pay for damages to other peoples’ cars. If you get into an accident while in Mexico, and don’t have Mexico insurance by Mexican Insurance Store – you will be responsible for the damages to the other person’s car, as well as their bodily injuries. To ensure that the victim gets their money, you could be detained for a very long time.

A Separate Mexico Insurance Policy is Mandatory

It’s understandable to want to save money when going on vacation. However, the amount of money that you could end up losing – and your personal freedom that you’re putting on the line – makes traveling without a Mexican car insurance policy a very bad idea. The minute you cross the border, your U.S. car insurance policy goes out of effect. Even if small provisions are available for damages to your own vehicle, they  work within a very small radius of the border – and they do nothing to protect you if you damage someone else’s car, or if you hurt someone else.

Don’t Take the Risk

There’s a ton of conflicting advice out there about traveling in Mexico, but one definite truth is that an American auto insurance policy will do you no good south of the border. The risk of ending up in jail is absolutely real – it happens to well-meaning U.S. tourists every single day. Even if you’re able to bail out quickly, you’ll end up spending exorbitant amounts of cash to do so – and your entire vacation will be completely ruined. Since a trip to Mexico is supposed to be fun and carefree – and the right Mexican auto insurance is so cost-effective – there is no good reason to take that risk.

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