Xalapa Mexico, the Athens of Veracruz!

Mexico, Veracruz state, Cathedral of Xalapa

Plenty of art galleries and theatres in Xalapa let you take a closer look at the art which is the specialty of the city. Besides culture and art, US and Canadian travelers to Mexico visit the city to spend their vacation in colorful parks and enjoy the pleasant weather. The capital city of Veracruz offers great variety of attractions all because of its geographical location where you spend your holidays by the streams, rivers and admire beautiful natural landscapes. The architecture of the city is the best thing if you want to peep into the history of Xalapa.

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Lush vegetation and numerous parks in Xalapa allow you to spend the natural vacation of your lifetime. US and Canadian nature lovers visit these parks to vent their stress out and sooth their mind. Los Tecajetes is one of the most beautiful parks in Xalapa. Rich flora and fauna in the foggy forest creates great natural ambience. The best feature of the beautiful park is magnificent sculptures that create zigzag way for the streams creating small canals and ponds. If you are traveling with your family this is the best place as in the area of 7.4 acres, you and your kids can enjoy the soccer fields, try slam dunk basketball or balance yourself on wheels within skating rink.

In order to explore through the art of the city, you should visit Contemporary art gallery. While walking through the alleys of the gallery you will come across sculptures, photographs and contemporary paintings from local as well as international artists. You should check the schedule of the gallery as the gallery regularly hosts movie marathons, theater, music and dance concerts and writers’ conferences. Canadian visitors interested in history never miss out on visiting Museum of Anthropology because it is one of the most important museums where you can explore through pre-Columbian history. You will come across more than 2500 pieces in the exhibited collection of archeological relics. According to experts this is one museum where collection of archeological pieces is almost complete.

One museum that defines the culture of Xalapa is Interactive museum of Xalapa. This is a place for complete family fun. You can learn a lot about the culture of the city with different exhibitions with touch on themes such as science, art and ecology. There are more than 100 exhibitions in seven rooms of the museums. But the thing that makes the museum one of them most visited museums in the country is its IMAX movie theater which is always fun.

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