Working With A Wedding Planner For Your Mexico Destination Wedding

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If you have your heart set on a wedding in Mexico, then the fall may provide the best time to get married. You won’t want to do an impromptu Mexican wedding, however, because there are some important requirements to consider for a legal wedding in Mexico. With Mexican insurance coverage from, you can take a trip down to make sure your location is perfect. You can also make repeat visits to meet with your wedding planner and prepare. What kind of Mexico car insurance you need depends on how many trips you need to make between now and the wedding date.

Why work with a wedding planner?

Although you may think of Mexico as being similar to Vegas, the legalities are different. Before a symbolic or religious ceremony is conducted, there must be a civil ceremony, typically held in the government offices where licenses are obtained. Prior to this, however, you must handle certain blood testing and provide required paperwork. Your wedding coordinator can help in ensuring that this process goes smoothly. With good coordination, you may be able to complete these steps a day or two prior to the planned formal ceremony. CV Linens can certainly help by saving you money when you buy or rent your wedding linen direct.

Your guests need Mexican insurance coverage 

While much of your attention will be focused on your own requirements, it is important to ensure that any guests are informed about their own travel requirements, beginning with needs for passports and other accommodations. If your destination is within close driving distance to the border, your guests may only need a single day of Mexican insurance coverage. If they spend more time in the country, they must be sure their Mexico car insurance is valid for the full time they will be in the country.

If details change prior to the travel date for you or your guests, you will appreciate the fact that your policy can be changed or canceled prior to the effective date.


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  • Temika Fowlkes
    November 7, 2014 3:43 pm

    I did my wedding in Rocky Point, Mexico two years ago. I had such an excellent wedding planner and Mexican insurance provider who ensured that every bit of my wedding turnout successful.

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