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Mexico insurance for driving – How Do Wildlife Importation Rules Affect My Mexico Fishing Trip?

Although many endangered species are restricted, fishing is typically not a major concern when a tourist is simply bringing back their catch for personal use. While there may be issues of quantity depending on the state you will cross into, your fish that have been legally caught are allowable. It is important to recognize that states like California may not permit a catch to be brought in if possession in the state is illegal. While Mexico insurance for driving has no impact on your fishing or importation, it is an important part of preparing to go. Additionally, your Mexican insurance for travelers must be active until you cross the border at the end of your trip.

Exotic Animals and Souvenirs

Although you may not plan to hunt any exotic sea creatures or wildlife, it is important to realize that you cannot import certain mementos that are made from endangered species. For example, jewelry made from the shells of sea turtles is illegal to bring across the border. Whole shells are also off limits. In fact, any product that is made from certain exotic animals’ skin or fur could cause problems for you at the border. The feathers of certain birds may also be considered illegal to import. If wildlife is to be imported, you must provide your permits that indicate your legal capture or killing of the specimen. Because of the worldwide outrage over Cecil the Lion, it is possible that regulations may become stricter in the future. However, your fishing trip is unlikely to be a serious source of trouble.

Monitoring Your Legal Obligations in Driving

While oversight of wildlife importation may increase, there is little oversight at the border with regard to your Mexico insurance for driving. Mexican insurance for travelers is required by law, but the border authorities as you enter Mexico are unlikely to review your compliance. Unfortunately, a lack of Mexico insurance for driving could become a serious problem if you are involved in a car wreck, even one that is not your fault. You could face fines or jail time for disobeying that nation’s laws, especially if you are found to have caused the incident.

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