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Baja 1D Highway

Mexican auto insurance online – Why you need to drive the toll roads in Mexico

There are instances in which you have better driving choices during your Mexican driving vacation. Your Mexican auto insurance online is important when you drive on toll roads because there is supplemental coverage for road related incidents that can be forfeited if you lack proper motor vehicle coverage. However, a decision to save a few pesos on the toll as you take a free road could result in a greater possibility of having to tap into your Mexican insurance for tourists.

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What’s wrong with free?

Although the libre roads don’t exact that annoying cuota, they can be a bit questionable in terms of condition. You may find that lanes are narrow, guardrails are missing, or potholes are abundant. The potential for a one-vehicle incident can be great. Your might need to use your Mexican insurance for tourists early on in your travels if you make frequent use of libre roads. Unfortunately, some of these roads can take you out of range for a wireless connection as well. If you anticipate remote driving activity, then invest in the best Mexican auto insurance online available. Access to passing traffic can be limited as well. Mexican auto insurance online is required to use the toll roads so secure Mexican insurance for tourists before leaving!

If you choose to go with the toll route, be prepared to pay both at the entry and at the exit. Be prepared for military checkpoints near the entrances and exits at times. These points are typically not very intensive, but you should be prepared to explain your plans. On some occasions, officials will ask about your tourist permit or passport. However, it is rare to have to show evidence of Mexican insurance for tourists.

Is Mexican auto insurance online required?

There are instances in which a toll road can be taken out of commission. For example, Baja Norte had a major incident on its Ensenada Toll Road as excessive rain led to the collapse of an area. If you are on such a road at the time of major damage, your active Mexican insurance for tourists can be used in tandem with the toll coverage to address damages.

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  • Bringing your car to Mexico is fine as long as it is insured. If you have a house there, buying a car and leaving it in the garage saves you much effort.

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