Why Do You Need A Courier Insurance?

It is imperative that a courier driver has courier insurance to ensure that they are fully covered in the event of an accident. Courier drivers are seen as a higher risk to insurance companies, therefore, if a courier driver was to have an accident without the right level of cover, they could be liable for the cost of the damage and any injuries that incurred. Courier insurance can be tailored specifically for car, van and HGV drivers to cover both their own and a third party vehicle, plus any personal injury claims which have resulted from an accident. Whilst the rate of the premium may seem costly, it is far cheaper to have the right insurance in place than to risk being held accountable for potentially thousands of pounds.

Courier Insurance Facts

When choosing couriers and HGV drivers for your delivery delivery, make sure to carefully consider their level of cover to ensure that you are fully covered for the cost of the goods when they are damaged. If you find that your courier or HGV driver is not compliant with required insurance cover, or has been denied courier or HGV insurance when you seek to obtain it, you should immediately write to the insurer and let them know what is happening, in order to help them take action on your behalf. If you find out your courier or HGV driver does not have their insurance cover in place, or is refusing you the right level of cover when you try to obtain it, then it is imperative that you complain to your insurance company and ask for a refund. There are four levels of cover for the driver:

1) Personal

2) Three party

3) Community

4) Corporate/Business.

If you are interested in hiring a couriers or HGV driver with a personal then, contact Staveley Head. In addition, some companies will also allow you to specify the number of “dings” or “dents” that you want, which will cost you an extra $10 per item. If you do not want to pay this fee, this will not affect your daily average delivery charge.

5) HGV and van insurance for larger goods such as lumber or marble can also be obtained at a cost of up to $50 per day.

Additional cover for your Courier Business while it does cost a considerable amount of money to purchase and manage cover, these policies can help ensure that your business is fully protected should you suffer a loss or have an accident. The right combination of cover can provide the flexibility you need to protect yourself and your livelihood without incurring unnecessary financial penalties. All quotations are subject to availability and approval and may change or be discontinued without notice. The author is not an insurance broker, and this site is not affiliated with any insurance or financial services company.

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