Who Can Drive Your Vehicle In Mexico? Mexico Insurance For Tourists

Mexico Insurance For Tourists

Who Can Drive In Mexico?

Mexico Insurance For Tourists – Who Can Drive Your Vehicle In Mexico?

Your travel in a foreign country may seem like a good time for driving lessons or practice for a teenage driver in training. You might want to allow a friend to drive your vehicle as you rest during your travels. These are two distinct situations that could impact your Mexico insurance for tourists based on legalities as well as terms of service. In some cases, there could be legal ramifications, and in others, your Mexican auto insurance for federal highways  could be voided.

Requirements for Drivers on Your Mexico insurance for tourists policy

Any number of additional drivers may operate a vehicle that you have covered with Mexican auto insurance for federal highways. However, you should be aware that they must be legally licensed and be 21. An unlicensed driver could lead to both legal problems with Mexican authorities and coverage problems with your Mexico insurance for tourists. In a driving violation, that individual might get your vehicle towed and impounded, creating problems for both of you, especially if you aren’t there. Only the legal owner of a vehicle can retrieve it from Mexican authorities. In an accident, an unlicensed driver could get your Mexico insurance for tourists revoked. A driver must be at least 21 years of age. Your coverage can be revoked for an underage driver if your vehicle is in a wreck, which can lead to legal problems as well as serious financial implications.

Can My Car Be Driven if I Don’t Go?

Your vehicle can be taken into Mexico by an authorized party. However, you must be sure that the vehicle is covered with Mexico insurance for federal highways. You must also provide a letter explaining that you have given permission for your vehicle to be driven by someone else and the driver MUST have a US or Canadian license. An event-free trip is ideal. However, be aware that you may have to travel to Mexico if your vehicle is involved in an incident since it won’t be released to any other party.

Discussing the terms of your coverage with a third party who will drive the vehicle in Mexico is wise. For example, unauthorized towing of a trailer could result in your policy’s nullification. Be sure that your driver is aware of the limitations.

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  • Being extra careful when driving in other country is important! Whether it’s a place for practice driving or a place for business deals, you will face legal problems if you have no car insurance. Make things run smoothly by getting the required Mexican auto insurance.

  • Hipolito Loux
    April 7, 2015 5:45 pm

    If you can’t get insurance for your car, you can’t legally drive in Mexico. Imagine, meeting an accident without claims? Your days in a foreign country can become a nightmare. We’ll be driving there, so I guess I need to get the Mexican insurance soon.

  • Janyce Watchman
    April 20, 2015 6:28 pm

    When you’re about to buy car insurance make sure you compare premiums from other insurance companies. Unlike others, Mexican insurance store is a true bargain.

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