Which is Which is More Important: Mexican Auto Insurance or Travel Insurance?

While planning a trip to Mexico, you’re sure to hear a lot about the importance of buying Mexican auto insurance. At the same time, you’ll be told that you should never head out of the country without decent travel insurance. If you can only afford one or the other, which is better: car insurance for Mexico or travel insurance? The answer to that question is quite easy: If you have to choose, you should always opt for Mexican insurance by Mexican Insurance Store. Without it, you will be breaking the law and could end up in serious trouble. Mexican auto insurance keeps you out of detention.

It’s the Law

There is no law that says that you have to have travel insurance while you’re in Mexico. There are strict laws about the need to have car insurance for Mexico, though, so you definitely need to buy a policy before you head south of the border. In the event of an accident, the police are going to ask to see proof of Mexican auto insurance; they aren’t going to ask to see a travel insurance policy. Without Mexican insurance, you could wind up in jail.

Travel Insurance is Good Too

Ideally, you should try to buy car insurance for Mexico and travel insurance. Of course, that isn’t always possible due to budgetary constraints. Travel insurance has its benefits, but you can also find Mexican auto insurance policies that include many of the same perks. For example, many Mexican insurance policies include roadside assistance and legal coverage. Some policies include medical coverage as well. If you have a serious health condition, you really should buy travel insurance too. Just don’t ever go to Mexico without car insurance for Mexico.

Mexican Auto Insurance is a Top Priority

There’s no doubt about it: You have to have valid Mexico insurance to travel safely in Mexico. If you have to make a choice, there’s no real question about whether you should buy Mexican¬† insurance or travel insurance. Travel insurance is nice to have. In some cases, it may be vitally important. But it can never be more important than car insurance for Mexico. If you’d like to stay out of jail and avoid huge, unexpected bills, you should always buy top-notch Mexican auto insurance. There’s simply no two ways about it.

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