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Nobody plans to be in a wreck during a foreign trip. But your Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store ensures that you can met your legal and financial obligations to others. However, you will need a full-coverage Mexican auto insurance if you want to be sure that your own damages can be addressed. Evaluation of the choices in repairs can be important as you consider what you will do if your vehicle is seriously damaged in an accident.

Local repairs

Your Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store allows repairs to be done in Mexico or at home. It includes limits, however. This makes it important to understand what kind of Mexican auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store you have. This will ensure that you don’t accrue an excessive towing bill. If your incident occurs far from the border, it may be more practical to have your repairs completed in Mexico. This is especially true if you can’t drive your vehicle to the border.

As you look for a good repair shop in a local area, you may want to contact the travel assistance hotline from Mexican Insurance Store to get recommendations. You can also ask locals about their choices in repairs. Check out area shops that appear to be busy as this may signal customer loyalty and the probability of a good outcome.

Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store is useful in different ways!

Otro lado is the slang name for the U.S., the other side. If this is within reach, you may want to use your Mexican auto insurance to have your vehicle transported north for repairs. Your Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store allows for U.S. labor rates in such cases, making it more likely that repairs will be completed to your standards and in a timely way. Your Mexican auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store also allows for repairs in Canada if you live even farther north.

Does your Mexico insurance handle incidental repairs not related to accidents?

As a traveler, you will have to make decisions based on your vehicle’s needs in case of a breakdown or malfunction. Llanteras, or tire shops may be able to patch a tire. However, you may have to void your warranty back home to have the repair made. If this is necessary to continue your trip, then you will have to act accordingly.

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  • Courtney Palladino
    February 10, 2015 4:22 pm

    Whenever your car breaks down while on tour in Mexico, it is always advisable to use travel assistance hotline provided by Mexican Insurance store.

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