One thing that often throws travelers for a loop is when to show Mexican insurance for cars. If you have an auto insurance policy in the U.S. or Canada, why do you need to buy another one to drive in Mexico? The main reason is that the authorities in Mexico can’t communicate with insurance companies in other countries, and they can’t process claims that come from such companies. By law, you need to have valid Mexico car insurance companies with you at all times. When do you actually need to show proof of it though? Find out below.

Mexican insurance for cars


You’re going to be asked for many things when going through customs at the border. You’ll need a valid passport, and you’ll need a valid driver’s license. You may be asked to show the title of your car. If it’s still on a lease or loan, you might even need a letter of permission from the lender. One thing you won’t generally be asked for is to show proof of Mexican insurance for cars. The authorities at the border don’t really care. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t already have it when you get there. Buying it at the border is a major hassle.

Military Checkpoints

The first thing you should know about military checkpoints in Mexico is that they’re a fact of life. There’s no need to be frightened of them. For people who live in Mexico, they are no big deal at all. You’ll almost certainly be waved right through when you approach them. If you’re stopped and questioned, you may have to show identification. As with customs though, you’re not going to be asked to show proof of insurance coverage. The guys at these checkpoints aren’t interested. They have no reason to look at that kind of thing. To gain more info on Military Checkpoints, simply visit this URL.

Traffic Accident

Traffic Stops

Make sure to obey all traffic laws while driving in Mexico. If you are stopped, you’re quite likely to be ticketed. However, you’re not going to be asked for proof of Mexican insurance for cars from a Mexican company. Even though Mexico car insurance is required by law, (to adhere to ‘financial responsibility’ considerations) it doesn’t come into play in this type of situation. The only time you’re sure to be asked for it is in the aftermath of a car accident. In that case, you really need it. You can’t predict if an accident will happen, which is why you need to have valid Mexico car insurance with you at all times.

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  • The emphasis here is that when you are in Mexico, the law requires you to have Mexican insurance from a Mexican insurance company. That’s a heads up for travelers heading to Mexico.

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