What You Should and Shouldnt Pack for a Trip to Mexico!

Packing for travel.

Like any other country, Mexico has restrictions of what can and cannot be brought over the border. Before packing for your Mexican vacation then, it might be smart to have a firm grasp on whats allowed, and what isnt. Keep in mind that there are firm limits on certain items. You should be diligent about not exceeding those limits, since that can cause problems for you at the border. By being conscientious about what you bring, youll be allowed into Mexico more smoothly and quickly.

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Whats Allowed into Mexico?

The following things are allowed into Mexico; if limits apply, they are noted below.

Toys: Five toys per child are allowed into Mexico. Make sure your children think long and hard about what they absolutely have to have while in Mexico.

Medications: Medications are allowed, as long as you bring along a prescription that is in your own name.

Alcohol: You may bring up to 3 liters of alcohol into Mexico.

Tobacco: You are limited to bringing 200 grams of tobacco with you into Mexico. This is equivalent to twenty packs of cigarettes.

Books and Magazines: Believe it or not, but there is a limit imposed on the number of books and magazines that each person may bring into Mexico. You are allowed to bring up to twenty books and magazines into the country with you.

iPods: One personal music device is allowed per person.

TVs: TVs with screens up to 12 inches are allowed into Mexico.

Discs: CDs and DVDs must be limited to twenty total.

Film:  You may bring up to 12 rolls of film into Mexico.

Laptops: There is no firm limit; however, border authorities may be suspicious if you bring a ridiculous number of laptops into Mexico with you. Limit yourself to one or two. What You Should and Shouldnt Pack for a Trip to Mexico!

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